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Environmentally Conscious Product Sampling & Trial Packaging

Xela Pack Inc. specializes in producing environmentally conscious sample and trial packaging. Our main goal is to provide product companies with an attractive, affordable and functional sample package while paying utmost respect to the earth.

Xela Packs among oranges

The Xela Pack

Xela Pack has packaging options for liquids, powders, tablets and granulated products and are used in a range of sectors, including food, natural health, dietary supplements, oral care, cosmetics, hotels and cruises, and pharmaceuticals.


Using 1 Million Xela Packs instead of plastic bottles of similar size will reduce overall waste.

less packaging material

12,965.4 lbs

less plastic

19,587 lbs

less waste after use

2,315 cubic ft


Eucalan Logo
“Because it’s a nice package and not a flat foil pack, it has a higher perceived value. I think Xela Pack does a great job informing us about their environmental impact.”

Jennifer Edgar

Nourish Organic Logo
“We’ve had great responses to them because they are large enough to reflect our art work well and it gets people excited to try the product.”

Lindsay Hendler
Nourish Organics

S&D Coffee & Tea logo
“Great delivery system for our product with very high end look. Had a fantastic experience with your team, they did what was necessary to deliver on a quick turnaround.”

Kai Sayasithsena
S&D Coffee

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