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of the Xela Pack

This page contains most current information regarding the recyclability of the Xela Pack. Information regarding the recyclability of the Xela Pack, will be updated on this page as it becomes available. Please check back often for updates.

TruCycle Assessment by RRS

  • A February 2023 TruCycle US Assessment by RRS ( surveyed 300 randomly selected recycling programs throughout the United States, to determine the domestic recyclability of the Xela Pack according to the TruCycle standard.

  • The Xela Packs were assessed for Access-to-Recycling, Sorting, Recycling End Markets, and Mismanagement.

  • The Xela Pack was found to be “Excluded in less than 5%” and “≥ 30% Access-to-Recycling” and scored a B in three of the four categories assessed, with no failures.

UNI EN 13430 Standard Assessment by Centro Qualita Carta

  • All current Xela Pack material options have been evaluated by Centro Qualità Carta to be RECYCLABLE WITH PAPER, Level C, according to Aticelca 501:2019 and in compliance with the EN 13430 (European) standard.

  • Level C (Aticelca 501): the sample can be recycled with paper both efficiently and economically using widespread present day technology. The sample can be recycled in industrial plants which treat waste of ordinary grades and even waste from urban waste collection once the standard recycling process has been adapted. The recycled sample produces less than 40% waste and/or a significant contribution of adhesive particles or cellulose fiber flakes.

  • Note – ALL Xela Pack materials produced less than 30% waste in the standard recycling process.

Xela Pack UNI EN Recycle Logo

WMU Pilot Plants Repulpability Process Part 1 Test by Western Michigan University

  • “Western Michigan University’s Paper Pilot Plant is a large-scale recycling facility that can recycle, reply, and de-ink a wide variety of post-consumer waste including mixed office waste, magazines, food service items, and a variety of packaging including old corrugated containers.” (See WMU website:

  • WMU’s Pilot Plant Repulpability Process (Part 1) test of the EVOH Xela Pack resulted in a passing grade for Operational Impact and resulted in a 70% + yield of sample.

  • New Xela Pack materials are being developed now that will provide an 80% or more yield of sample and are expected to be available in Q4 of 2023.

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