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“We have been working with Xela Pack for almost 10 years. Overall, we are very happy with the quality of the service and products.”

Yuhong Zhang | Dynamis Skin Care

“They respond quickly to request and follow up regularly to check how things are going.”

Gail Nilsson | Seventh Generation

“Because it’s a nice package and not a flat foil pack, it has a higher perceived value. I think Xela Pack does a great job informing us about their environmental impact.”

Jennifer Edgar | Eucalan

“I am 100% satisfied with Xela Pack and their customer service.”

Jodi Bullard | Gilchrist & Soames

“We have prior experience with Xela Pack and have confidence in their abilities to meet our expectations. Xela Pack’s are an excellent tool for getting trial samples and awareness out for a new product.”

Cheryl Samples | C.B. Fleet

“Your packaging is of a high quality both visually and structurally.”

Carol Ostrom / Carolla’s Beeswax

“Innovative, attractive packaging.”

Carly Marriott | National Eco Wholesale

“The format was what we were looking for our brand.”

Huguette Deschenes | Belcam Inc.

“Love Xela Pack!!!!”

Jeanine Adinaro | Third Coast Herb Company Inc.

“They have definitely been helpful with getting our product name and brand out there.”

Jennifer Pillqari | Oriental Herb Company (OHCO)

“Great delivery system for our product with very high end look. Had a fantastic experience with your team, they did what was necessary to deliver on a quick turnaround.”

Kai Sayasithsena / S&D Coffee

“We’ve had great responses to them because they are large enough to reflect our art work well and it gets people excited to try the product.”

Lindsay Hendler | Sensible Organics (Nourish Organics)

“Our relationship with Xela Pack is one of the longest vendor relationships our company has. We have had opportunities to use alternative vendors for samples, however, Xela Pack offers the widest options and the most environmentally friendly packaging.”

Libby Yowell | Caldrea

“Xela was chosen by our marketing group for the products offered that were within the budget. They have been very good in providing me updated schedules and working with our teams to prioritize the samplers, as we have many going on at once. They’ve also been accommodating to our delays and helping minimize impact to our launching.”

Sara Garrett | Benefit

“Our delicious and effective samples are delivered in wonderful wrappers, making it possible for folks to remember our product and look for it in health food stores.”

Sandy Dunbar | Quantum, Inc.

“We chose Xela Pack because of the unique sample packaging options, quality work, and pricing. Our sales are positive due to our sampling programs. Sampling is a big part of our growth and brand exposure.”

Vanessa Spencer | Jack Black

“People love to get ‘free’ samples and this package provides us with the opportunity to cross promote our products. Plus with the re-sealable option we can offer a multi-use product for less money than a plastic bottle. All of my experiences with Xela Pack have been positive. The quality, delivery, and sales are all very good compared to other suppliers in the industry.”

Sonja Harris | C.B. Fleet

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