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  • What are your minimums?
    Minimum order quantity is 25,000 packs for one product. For powders and granulated products, the minimum is 75,000 packs.
  • Can you order three products at 8,500 each to meet the minimum order?
    No – the minimum quantity is based on each individual product.
  • Are you Organic certified?
    Yes, we are certified to handle organic products through GOA.
  • Are you kosher certified?
    We are not Kosher certified however, we can fill kosher product in our packets if listed on your certification as a manufacturing site.
  • Can you send us the packets for us to fill at our location?
    The packets are run on custom form, fill, and seal machines that we build in house. They cannot be filled on other sealing equipment. However, we do offer our Xela Pack machines for purchase to produce Xela Packs at your own facility. Click here to learn more.
  • How do we get started?
    Please send about 6-8 oz’s of each product that you want us to review. Then we can provide you with pricing. To run the order, we will just need your artwork and bulk product, and we will take it from there.
  • Why does the proof approval need to be in color?
    It is a requirement of the FDA that we receive a color proof back signed and dated with approval to proceed. This ensures that we are filling the correct product in the correct packets and allows us to thoroughly review the printing when the cards (unfilled packets) come in.
  • Why are there costs to make changes to the proof after it has been provided to Xela Pack?
    The work that has been done to the point of a proof, the proof and the actual plates make up the plate charge that you are charged. If we make adjustments to what has been proofed, they need to make the changes and then prepare a new proof.
  • Will I receive a hard copy proof?
    You will receive a hard copy proof only if your art is process art. If it is line art, a digital proof will be provided. If you would like a hard copy proof for line art, one can be provided at an additional charge.
  • Do you have a graphics person that we can provide the artwork to?
    Our printer can assist with art. We would need some direction or ideas to get started and they can take it from there. There are costs associated with graphic design.
  • Can I see a printed sample before you fill?
    We can send samples from a print run, however at that point, unless there are errors made by the printer, the cards (unfilled packets) will be invoiced at 2/3 of the per packet price if you choose not to use them. We can offer a press proof, a virtual press proof or a press check as options to review the printing, prior to a full run of cards.
  • What is your standard code date?
    Our standard is a 6 digit code that is made up of a 1 digit machine number, a 1 digit year, a 3 digit Julian date and a 1 digit shift letter. This will allow us to trace a packet back to the shift it was produced on and the subsequent paperwork.
  • Your PO Information Sheet says to ship in 55 gallon drums; can I use 5 gallon pails?
    We can accept containers smaller than 55 gallons. We will need to review this on a project by project basis and there may be additional charges incurred.
  • Do you offer stability testing?
    No, but we have contracted with a lab that does stability testing. If you need assistance with this we can provide options based on your protocol or a standard protocol for your review and acceptance. We can provide the packets for the testing for a fee.
  • How much bulk product do you need?
    We will need between 104% and 132% of bulk based on the quantity ordered and the fill amount. This is used to fill the lines, get good weights and seals on the packets and do all of the prep work. If the order is larger or the fill amount is high, this may be a very small percentage of the overall bulk but in low quantities or projects with very low fill amounts, it may appear like a larger percentage of the overall project. We do bulk accountability at the end of every run and strive for 97% efficiency on every run.
  • Once bulk arrives how long until packets are ready?
    It depends on where in the process the bulk comes. Our standard lead time is 7-9 weeks from the time of the purchase order, deposit and art. To meet this, bulk must arrive within 2-3 weeks after receipt of the PO. If the bulk comes at the same time as the PO, it is still 6-8 weeks. If you have a particular date you need the packets to ship or if you know when the bulk will arrive, we can meet with production to discuss a firm ship date.
  • If bulk is late why does it change the ship date more than the number of days that it is late?
    We schedule runs in our production and secondary schedules as orders come in. If your bulk is a few days late we may miss the time that was allotted to run the project and we may need to wait for the next opening in production.
  • How long does it take for my order to run?
    We run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week in a quad shift schedule. Each shift is 12 hours and we produce an average of 18,000 – 22,000 packets per shift. In addition to run time we need to perform a QC release.
  • Can you ship to multiple locations?
    We can ship to multiple locations. If it is more than 2 there may be an extra charge. There is an extra charge for all UPS or FEDEX shipments.
  • Can packets be shipped prior to the order completion?
    No, we must complete the entire order prior to shipping any packets other than customer quality retains. This is an FDA requirement and one that they are specifically focused on for contract packagers. It is a protection for our customers that all paperwork be closed prior to distributions, so that in the event that while closing the paperwork we find that there is an error, we have the packets in our possession to review and confirm that they are good for distribution.
  • Can you ship with the Xela Pack UPS (or LTL) account and then invoice us?
    Everything is shipped FOB Bridgewater so we need your account number to ship. The account holder is liable for anything that happens during transit.
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