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Using the Xela Pack PaperBottle® instead of plastic bottles or tubes can result in
significant environmental benefits.

Carton packaging Xela Packs need less packaging material

12,965.4 lbs

Less Packaging Material

Xela Packs need less plastic bottle

19,587 lbs

Less Plastic

xela packs need less bulk product barrel

1,362 gal

Less Bulk Product Needed

xela packs use less corrugated boxes


Less Corrugated Boxes

xela packs use less pallets for shipping


Less Pallets for Shipping

Xela packs use less trucks for transport


Less Truck for Transport

xela packs create less waste after use

2,315 cubic ft

Less Waste After Use

Above are some of the many benefits that result from using 1,000,000 one ounce
Xela Pack PaperBottles® instead of plastic bottles of the same size.

Using the Xela Pack instead plastic bottles or tubes can significantly reduce your environmental foot print!

Xela pack uses approximately 93% less plastic

The Xela Pack uses approximately

93% LESS


than similar sized bottles.

The material structure of each Xela Pack is made of

paper/poil/poly or paper/poly. The paper portion is SFI and FSC sourced and/or 100% recycled.

The Xela Pack allows full dispersal of the product, leaving behind only about 1% leftover product after use.

The Xela Pack allows full dispersal of the product, leaving behind only about


leftover product after use.

An average 1oz plastic bottle can contain up to 30% leftover product after use.

Xela Packs are recyclable with paper where facilities exist

Xela Packs


with paper where facilities exist.

Click here to learn more!

An empty Xela Pack takes up to 92% less waste space

An empty Xela Pack takes up to

92% LESS


than an empty plastic bottle
of the same size.

100 empty 1oz plastic bottles

= 432 cubic inches

100 empty 1oz Xela Packs

= 32 cubic inches

Xela pack is wind energy committed

Xela Pack is



Xela packs are printed with water-soluble inks and varnishes

Xela Packs are printed with


inks and varnishes.

Water-soluble inks and varnishes exclude harmful pollutants like those caused by other types of ink and varnish. Xela Packs also allow for 30% more print area than rounded bottles.

Xela Pack is BPA Free

The Xela Pack is


BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical often added to many commercial products including plastic products and containers, and is said to be harmful.

Xela packs are tamper-evident

Xela Packs are


without requiring an additional seal or material.

Xela Packs have a bend-and-tear tab to open, and a self-closing orifice to keep your products fresh for longer.

Xela ONE pack is drain friendly

The 22ml Xela ONE pack is


because it can be opened without completely tearing off the tab.

This keeps the pack in one piece so bathroom sinks and tubs don't get clogged by tabs or tamper-evident seals used with other types of packaging.

Xela Pack is certified to handle organic products

The Xela Pack is certified to handle



Xela Pack is certified by the

National Organic Program.

Xela Pack is eco friendly

Because the Xela Pack is


consumers will appreciate the real effort your company is making, as they become more aware of environmental issues.

The Xela Pack complements

other environmental programs giving your company a well-rounded approach to

environmental commitment.

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