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Xela Pack is a leader in environmentally conscious packaging innovation.

We specialize in producing a unique, environmentally conscious alternative to plastic bottles and tubes, known as the Xela Pack PaperBottle®, or simply the Xela Pack®. Our customers send us their product and their artwork, and we provide them with finished packages, produced here in Saline, MI.

Xela Pack was started by Al and Cathy Gentile in 1986, under the name Genpack USA (changed to Xela Pack in 1994). Al had been building custom packaging machinery since 1967 under the name Gentile Packaging Machinery, and in 1986 they decided they would start another company that would produce environmentally conscious packaging for companies throughout the United States and abroad.

Today, with over 30 years of experience with the Xela Pack, the Gentile family continues to expand and perfect our packaging line and our company, with a continued commitment to the environment, our customers and our employees.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


In 1967, a young entrepreneur name Aliseo “Al” Gentile started a business called Gentile Packaging Machinery. This company specialized in custom packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, industrial, food and cosmetic industries and would become the father of Genpack USA and eventually Xela Pack, Inc.

In 1987, Al and his wife Cathy started a new company called Genpack USA. This company was created with the purpose of advancing a premium packaging system in the United States. Driven to create excellence in packaging, Al and Genpack USA expanded, developed and perfected this packaging line while establishing it in the United States market.

In 1994, Genpack USA became Xela Pack, Inc. and continued to expand the parameters of this packaging line. Since the birth of Xela Pack, Inc. and the Xela Pack, many breakthroughs have come about. Using new material constructions, new printing technologies and a whole new concept of waste free production, Xela Pack, Inc. began their efforts to make the Xela Pack the premier environmentally friendly sample, trial and retail size package.

Since then, Xela Pack has expanded their technology to accommodate not only liquid filling, but filling of all types of viscous products, liquids with particulate, powders and other granular products, tablets and capsules. Xela Pack, Inc. has also added many features to the Xela Pack line such as a stand-up option, custom shapes and coupon tabs, and continues to develop the line with an increasing respect to the environment.

Xela Pack, Inc. is now a leading force in environmentally friendly packaging, and will continue to expand and lead the market for years to come. Xela Pack, Inc. has succeeded in making the Xela Pack the premier environmentally friendly sample, trial and retail size package.

Xela Pack History Timeline


We are a packaging company.

Our main goal is to provide product companies with an attractive, affordable and functional sample package while paying utmost respect to the earth. For this reason, our customer support and sales team is our greatest asset. They are here to help product companies determine the best possible sampling vehicle for their products – whether it be a creamy cosmetic, an oily exfoliant or a simple shampoo.

The sales team at Xela Pack can help you determine what type of package will be best for your product promotion…

The Model

Product companies do not just order stock pieces from Xela Pack. The process of working with Xela Pack is a little more detailed in the planning, and a lot more effective in the final stages. The following is a model of how a company would work with Xela Pack to achieve the ultimate sampling promotion for their products.

Xela Pack Packaging Model

The Total Package

Above is the basic model of Xela Pack’s services, however, Xela Pack has recently developed an intensive program called The Total Package which offers design and decision help on any or all levels of the project. From artwork to sample style, from size to quantity, from the primary sample to secondary and tertiary packaging options, your Xela Pack sales representative can help you with every step of the way.


Xela Pack is SQF certified by SAI Global

SQF Certification from

SAI Global

SQF is the Safe Quality Food Program, where food safety and quality codes meet regulatory, customer, and industry requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain. This credible food safety and quality program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, and being SQF certified means that Xela Pack has passed all rigorous audits conducted by SAI Gobal.

Xela Pack is Organic certified by NOP

Organic Certification
from NOP

Being certified by the National Organic Program assures our customers that our products meet the national standards for USDA organic products, from production and handling, to labeling. Compliance is proved through the assessment of the Organic System Plan, facility inspections, audits, tests, and on-going surveillance of products.

Xela Pack is ISO 9001:2015 certified by QAS

ISO Certification
from QAS

ISO 9001:2015 is a series of quality management system standards based on a number of principles including strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement. Our customers can count on consistent, good quality products and services that clearly demonstrate our commitment to quality at every level.

Xela Pack is NSF certified

Certification from NSF

NSF is a public heath and safety organization who follows the standard development process of the ANSI.
NSF International conducts regular facility inspections and product testing until every aspect of the products' development is thoroughly evaluated. Our customers can count on our use of a clean and safe facility, high quality products, and procedures and practices that keep health and safety in  mind.

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